EVENT First-Ever! Nat 5 Monster Selective Summon Event

Greetings from Com2uS!   [First time ever in 10 years of service]! Choose a Nat 5 Monster of your choice to summon from this event!   Freely choose a Nat 5 Monster (Fire, Water, or Wind attribute) to acquire, and if you want to change your decision, simply change the summoned Monster during the event period (one time only).   Please read below for more info.   ■ Event Period After each server update (v8.3.0) - Jun. 9th 7:59am PDT Rewards available until Jun. 10th 7:59am PDT   ■ Event Details   [How to Collect 10-Year Coins] Content Drop Obtain Crystals Use Crystals * Refer to the event page for more info.   ★ Bonus 10-Year Coin benefit for new and returning Summoners! - New Summoner: Summoners who created an account after Apr. 12th, 2023 8am PDT. - Returning Summoner: Summoners who received a returning benefit effect after Apr. 12th, 2023 8am PDT.   ★Complete the 10-Year Coin mission every day to get a gift!★   20 Coins Collected Today: Mana Stone +200,000 50 Coins Collected Today: Energy +100 * The coin mission and reward reset every day at 8am PDT.   ★Summon a Nat 5 Fire/Water/Wind Monster of your choice!★ [Select a Nat 5 Monster of your choice] from a special Summonhenge  filled with mystical ancient power to celebrate the Summoners War's 10th anniversary and [use 50 10-Year Coins] to summon! - Only the Monsters released until 2023 can be summoned. - Nat 5 Fusion Monsters, Dual Blade, Lollipop Warrior, Shadow Claw, Vampire Lord, Ifrit, and The Witcher collab characters are excluded.   ★ Not Satisfied with Your Summon? Change the Summoned Monster! (One time only)★ You can change the Nat 5 Monster summoned from this event for [one time only]. - You can change the Monster after Apr. 30th 8am PDT with [300 10-Year Coins]. - The Monster already developed can also be changed. When you change the Monster, the currencies used to develop the Monster will be refunded. - You cannot change the Monster if its information cannot be checked. (Used for Ancient Crystals, unsummoned, unclaimed from the Inbox, etc.) - The Monster you summoned first will be unsummoned.  - If you change the summoned Monster from the event, the previous summoned Monster is marked as deactivated (not summoned) from the Monster Collection.   ​※ Please Read ===================================== How to Collect 10-Year Coins - You can collect 10-Year Coins unlimitedly during the event from [content drop/ obtaining and using Crystals]. - 10-Year Coins are dropped in Scenario of all areas, Cairos Dungeon, Rift of Worlds (Rift Dungeon & Rift Raid), and Dimension Hole. The drop rate will increase with higher Energy consumption of the content/stage. - Crystals obtained from events do not count. ===================================== Monster Change - Please stop the ongoing battle if you want to change the summoned Monster. - The Monster can be changed only in the following cases. : Monster is not equipped with Runes or Artifacts (including World Arena) : Monster is not stored in the Monster Storage and/or Sealed Shrine : Monster is not placed in a building and as defense in Arena, Arena Interserver Battle, World Guild Battle, and Siege Battle : Monster is not locked : Monster is not set as the Rep Monster ===================================== - The reward will be available for 24 hours after the event ends. - Please restart the game if you're playing when the event begins to avoid any delays. - Please try restarting the game if you don't see your reward in the Inbox. - The duration and remaining time for the event will be displayed in the time zone of the area that you reside in. - For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting  

2024-04-15 MORE INFO

Acepta el desafío.
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