v8.2.3 Update Notice


Greetings from Com2uS! 


Summoners War v8.2.3 has been updated. Please check below for details! 


* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS) 

* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice. 



v8.2.3 Update Details 



▶ Monster Skill Balance Adjustments

[Check Details]


# Additional Notice on Monster Skill Balance Adjustments

Please note some changes will be made to the details shared in the Monster Skill Balance Changes and Adjustments notice. We ask for your kind understanding.


1) (Water/Light) Panda Warrior [Dragon's Dance] / (Light) [Dragon's Dance (Awakened)]

(As-is) Damage is proportional to your MAX HP and Attack Power → Damage is proportional to your Attack Power

(To-be) Damage is proportional to your MAX HP and Attack Power → Damage proportional to your MAX HP will remain, and the damage has been decreased greatly.

* This change will be applied in the v8.2.3 update.


2) (Dark) Phoenix [Fiery Path (Passive)]

: 【Effect Added】 The defeated target cannot be revived

* This change will be applied in the v8.2.4 update.

* This change will be applied in the v8.2.5 update.​


▶ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collaboration

- Collab Period: After the v8.2.3 update on Jan. 31st - Apr. 1st 7:59am PDT

- More info about the collab can be found in the [Developer's Note]!

[Read Developer's Note]


▶ The Witcher Collaboration Characters: [Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, and Triss]


▶ Collab Exclusive Building: Kaer Morhen

- Event Schedule: After the v8.2.3 update on Jan. 31st - Apr. 1st 7:59am PDT

: Enter Kaer Morhen that appears on the right side of the Sky Island to carry out [Witcher Missions] and play a mini card game from The Witcher series, [Gwent]!


- What's the [Gwent]?

: In Gwent, you place a card by taking turns with an NPC. It is a best-of-three game where the winner is decided based on the overall Attack Power of the cards placed. You'll be using cards as you play each round, up to 3 rounds.

: 5 stages are added weekly, up to 9 weeks. You can obtain new cards by clearing each stage.

: By acquiring new cards, you can obtain the following rewards according to your card collection progress.

※ Check out the [Developer's Note] for more info about the game rules and procedures!


- What are [Witcher Missions]?


- You can receive up to 5 missions at once.

- Upon clearing a mission, the next one becomes available after 8 hours. You can obtain rewards according to the missions cleared.

- Each mission gives 1 Witcher Token and a bonus reward.


▶ Collab Exclusive Content: [Event Dungeon]


- The event dungeon consists of Normal / Hard / Hell difficulties. Boss monsters from The Witcher appear as bosses.

- The event dungeon is available for a week and resets every Monday.


- You can obtain special rewards by clearing the boss of each difficulty.



▶ Collab Characters in the Trial of Ascension of February

- Collab characters will appear on every 10th floor in the [Normal/Hard Difficulties] except for 100F. 

- You will get [Witcher Scroll x1] that only summons default 4-5★ collab characters as a 50F (Normal) clear reward instead of the current [Mystical Scroll x2] reward. (Trial of Ascension resets on Feb. 14th 9pm PST.)


※ The [Witcher Scroll] reward for clearing 50F (Normal) is also applied to the Trial of Ascension Pass product.


▶ Arena Rival: Master X

- Event Schedule: After the v8.2.3 update on Jan. 31st - Apr. 1st 7:59am PDT

: Challenge Master X who uses a team of collab characters only!

: You'll get 5 Glory Points and 3 Witcher Tokens as a victory reward. You can battle Master X again after 23 hours.

※ Master X appears in the [Arena > Rival] menu after you clear a prerequisite quest via a quest icon located at the left of the main menu.


◈ Summon the Collab Characters!

- Collab characters can be summoned via the following methods.


* Collab characters are summoned in the awakened form.

* [Blessing of Summon & Splendid Blessing of Summon] are applied to the collab Monsters as well.


■ What's the [Witcher Scroll]?

- It’s an exclusive scroll that only summons The Witcher collab characters. One default 4-5★ The Witcher collab characters with one attribute (Fire/ Water/ Wind/ Light/ Dark) will be summoned.

- Collab characters will be summoned in the awakened form. Water Geralt that can be obtained through a collab event will not be summoned.

- [Blessing of Summon & Splendid Blessing of Summon] are not applied to Witcher Scroll.


▶ [SP Summon] for The Witcher Collab Characters

- Event Schedule: After the v8.2.3 update on Jan. 31st - Apr. 1st 7:59am PDT


- What's the [Special Summon]?

: [SP Summon] is a summon with a slightly higher summon rate than other summons for the Witcher collab Characters.

: [SP Summon] can be performed in all summons except Ancient Transcendence Scroll, 9-Year Transcendence Scroll, Engraved Scroll, Monster Piece Summon, Guild Summon, SWC Scroll, and other scrolls where you have to select a summon list. The in-game currencies, scrolls used, and blessings will be the same.

: The collab characters can be summoned with a fixed chance through a normal [Summon] as well.


▶ Geralt Emojis

- Geralt emojis can be used in the chat and Arena battles.


▶ [Siege Battle] A special rule set feature that allows you to try out the Siege Battle Tournament Season 14 battles with special rules has been added to the test menu.

- You can access this via the Test menu located at the top right of the [Defense] or [Member > Battle Info > Place Defense] menu.

- The following special rules will be applied to the Siege Battle Tournament Season 14.


- Please check below for the Siege Battle Tournament Season 14 schedule.


■ Siege Battle Season 14: Until Feb. 27th 10:59pm

■ Siege Battle Tournament Season 14 Period: Feb. 29th 11am - Mar. 16th 11:59pm

*Based on server time.

*Victory Points will be reset after the Siege Battle Tournament ends.

*The winning guild will be added to the [Siege Battle > Info > Ranking > Hall of Fame].



▶ [Mock Battle] Monster Stats Adjustments

- Certain Battle Training Ground stats have been adjusted due to the Monster skill balance adjustments.


▶ [Monster > Collection] You can now check which original Monsters match the collab Monsters.

- A collab mark will now be displayed to indicate which original Monsters of Street Fighter V, Cookie Run: Kingdom, and Assassin's Creed collaborations match the collab Monsters. You can check more info by tapping.




▶ [Settings > Extras > Watch Videos] Summoners War x The Witcher collab cinematic video will be available during the collab period!


▶ [Shop > Efficient > Special Pack] Collab Update Special! New Products

- Sale Period: After the v8.2.3 update on Jan. 31st - Apr. 1st 7:59am PDT


▶ Content QoL Changes & Improvements

- [World Guild Battle] If you don't participate in the World Guild Battle twice in a row, 30 Guild Points will now be deducted from the next battle.

- [Guild Achievements> Check in for Goods & Rediscovery of Daily Missions] These achievements will now count up to 30 times a day. Plus, the rewards will now only accumulate up to 10 times.

- [Manage Gem/Grindstone] When tapping Select All, Immemorial Gems/Grindstones won't be selected temporarily.

: We'll be adding a feature that allows you to set Immemorial Gems/Grindstones separately in the future.

- [Steam] Certain UIs and usability for controllers have been improved.

- [Steam] The keyboard's ESC button will now work on the SKIP screen.


▶ Game Error Fixes

- [Monster > Rune > Manage Rune] Fixed an issue of the Select All feature selecting Runes by prioritizing the Rune's Sell Exclusion Settings values over main property.

- [Monster > Rune > Manage Gem/Grindstone] Fixed an issue of the setting the no. of sub properties in Sell Exclusion Settings not working properly.

- [Summoned Monster Sealed Shrine] Fixed an issue of the checkbox of the Auto Select Monster button being unchecked.

- [Mission > Daily Mission] Fixed an issue of Steel Fortress & Punisher's Crypt missions appearing for users who haven't unlocked those dungeons.

- Fixed an issue of visual and sound effects playing awkwardly when getting attacked by [Ghost Slash] of (All Attributes) Onimusha transmogrified with Forgotten Wanderer.​

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