v8.1.2 Update Notice

Greetings from Com2uS!

Summoners War v8.1.2 has been updated. Please check below for details!

* The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)
* Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

v8.1.2 Update Details 


▶ New Monsters: Dokkaebi Lord & Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree

※ Dokkaebi Lord and Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree will be restricted in the SWC2023 WORLD FINALS, Siege Battle Season 13, and Siege Battle Tournament temporarily.

- SWC2023 WORLD FINALS: Begins on Nov. 3rd 10pm PDT

- Siege Battle Season 13: Until Nov. 7th 5:59am PST

- Siege Battle Tournament Schedule: Nov. 8th 6pm - Nov. 25th 6:59am PST

▶ [Fusion Hexagram] Fusion recipes for 5★ (Dark) Dokkaebi Lord, 4★ (Fire) Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree, and 4★ (Water) Onimusha have been added.

※ Please note the Monster source for (Fire) Grim Reaper that was included in the Monster Fusion recipe shared in the Developer's Note has been modified. We apologize for the confusion.

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▶ [SP Summon] for Dokkaebbi Lord & Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree

- Event Schedule: After the v8.1.2 update on Oct. 27th - Nov. 12th 6:59am PST

- What's the [SP Summon]?

: [SP Summon] is a summon with a slightly higher summon rate than other summons for Dokkaebi Lord & Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree. [SP Summon] menu will be exposed on the scroll lists that the SP Summon can be applied during the event period.

: [SP Summon] can be performed in all summons except Ancient Transcendence Scroll, 9-Year Transcendence Scroll, Engraved Scroll, Monster Piece Summon, Guild Summon, SWC Scroll, and other scrolls where you have to select a summon list. The in-game currencies, scrolls used, and blessings will be the same.

: Dokkaebi Lord & Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree can also be summoned with a fixed chance through a normal [Summon].

▶ The summon chance of the Monster affected by the [SP Summon] has been increased slightly so you can summon the new Monsters with a higher chance via [SP Summon].

▶ [Battle Training Ground] New Mock Battles for Dokkaebi Lord & Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree

- You can enter the Battle Training Ground by building it via the [Shop > Building] menu. (Your Summoner Lv. must be at least 12.)

▶ [Transmogrification Building] Preview Feature for Unowned Transmogs

: You can now equip transmogs you don't own from the transmog list by selecting a Monster and use the Skill Preview feature.

▶ [Siege Battle] First Skill Info Set for Defense Team UI Added in Preparation Screen

※ The set first skill feature is only applied in Siege Battle Tournament and Special Match.

▶ [Dimension Hole > 2nd Awakening Dungeon] Ranking Info Added

※ The Ranking Info that was disabled due to the Dimension Hole balance adjustments in the v8.1.1 update has been reactivated.

▶ You can now use the Auto Battle feature from Lv. 2 instead of Lv. 3 during the early part of the tutorial.

▶ A UI that allows you to check the details of buffs that are applied to the battle reward by tapping the buff icon in the battle results screen has been added.

▶ SWC2023 Special! Temple of Wishes Skin

- You can acquire the Temple of Wishes skin via a coupon revealed during the SWC2023 WORLD FINALS livestream on Nov. 3rd PDT. Make sure to tune in!

* You can apply the skin via the Temple of Wishes > Info menu.

▶ SWC2023 Special! 10 (Fire) Beast Rider Emojis

- Beast Rider emojis consist of 10 emojis, and they can be used in the chat and World Arena battles.

- 6 Beast Rider emojis can be acquired from the SWC Scroll Giveaway Event held until Nov. 12th PST. In addition, the remaining 4 emojis can be acquired as a bonus reward by purchasing the package that will be available for purchase after the v8.1.2 update.

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▶ A feature that allows you to change the order of emojis used often has been added for your convenience. 

- You can set the order of emojis by tapping ① Set Order in the emoji menu of the World Arena or chat.

- You can check the numbers displayed on the emojis arranged in the Set Order screen, and you can set the order by tapping ② Cancel All or each emoji.

▶ Game Security Enhancement Update

- Certain data that were selected through the security enhancement update will be available for use in third-party programs.

▶ World Arena 2vs2 Team Battle

- Schedule: Nov. 6th 12am - Nov. 19th 7am PST

- The World Arena 2vs2 Team Battle achievements have been reset; you can now complete new achievements and collect rewards.

▶ The AI of (Dark) Harp Magician's [Song of Switched Destiny] has been improved so that it will be used in more appropriate situations.

▶ Limited Time Ellia's Special Summon Mission

- Schedule: After the v8.1.2 update on Oct. 27th - Nov. 12th 11:59pm (server time)

- 1 Mission Point is accumulated when you summon default 3★+ Monsters via all summoning methods excluding Unknown Scroll, Social Summon, and Monster Summoning Piece (e.g., Mystical Scroll, Engraved Scroll, L&D Scroll, Legendary Scroll, etc.). You can collect various rewards according to the total Summon Points.

- You can purchase the Premium Reward that provides free rewards and bonus rewards.

- An event icon is exposed for summon lists that the Summon Mission Point is applied in the Summonhenge.

- Mission Points are accumulated automatically during the event even when the Premium Reward hasn't been purchased, and you can acquire the rewards up to the completed summon mission level at the time of purchase at once. Prefix property is guaranteed for Runes provided as the Premium Reward.

▶ [Shop > Efficient > Special Pack] <Summon Special Pack> 

- Sale Period: After the v8.1.2 update on Oct. 27th - Dec. 31st 11:59pm (server time)

▶ Monster Skill Description Modifications

▶ Game Error Fixes

- [iOS] Fixed an issue of the BGM briefly slowing down when it changes to another music on iOS 17.

- [Battle Training Ground] Fixed an issue of victory objectives of certain Mock Battles becoming harder to achieve.

- [Halloween Occult Girl Transmog] The transparency of the teddy bear will now be more consistent for certain attributes and skills.

- [Siege Battle] Fixed an issue of the Threat effect not working properly when proceeding with test after setting a first skill.

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