SWC2022 AMERICAS CUP Results Notice (Player Change Notice)

Greetings from Com2uS!


SWC2022 AMERICAS CUP has ended successfully thanks to your big support. Which players have advanced to the WORLD FINALS?


If you haven't watched the match yet or would like to watch it again, visit the Summoners War Esports YouTube Channel to do so!

Summoners War Esports YouTube Channel >> [Watch Again]


We've had a big number of audiences at the venue to watch the SWC2022 AMERICAS CUP, and here are some photos of the scene and the results of the SWC2022 AMERICAS CUP.




Winner: RAIGEKI​ advances to the WORLD FINALS!



Runner-up: TRUEWHALE​ advances to the WORLD FINALS!



3rd Place (tied): BIGV , DRMZJOSEPH​ 



1st and 2nd players will be playing at the <SWC2022 World Finals> scheduled on Nov. 12th (local time).

Please give a big round of applause to all Summoners who fought hard in the tournament.


Don't forget to claim the SWC2022 AMERICAS CUP coupons!


1st Coupon: Crystal +100, Mana Stone +100,000




2nd Coupon: Fire Scroll x5, Energy +100




3rd Coupon: Fire Scroll x5, Energy +100, Mana Stone +200,000




* The coupons are valid thru Oct. 12th 12am PDT.


■ SWC2022 Cheer Placard Event

Now, here are the winners of the SWC2022 Cheer Placard Event! (12 winners in total)

* Prize: Angelmon Tissue Case and Brownie Cushion (1 each)


Check out the winning pieces from the link below at the Summoners War Esports YouTube Community.

GO >>



* Congratulations to the Summoners who have won the event. An email regarding receiving the prize will be sent to the email address you entered when participating in the event.

* Shipping information cannot be modified. Please fill in the information so that the item can be delivered accordingly on the schedule.

* There may be a restriction on receiving the prize if you don't enter the required information correctly to receive the prize.

* The prizes (Brownie Cushion and Angelmon Tissue Case) will be sent out in late December.


* Go to the Cheer Placard Event Page >>


Again, we would like to thank all the Summoners who have watched the match offline and online.

* SWC2022 match schedule and results can be found at the SWC2022 official website (


SWC2022 ASIA-PACIFIC CUP is next up to determine the world finalists of SWC2022! Please stay tuned.​



※ As RICHARD(-[R]ichardS-) won't be able to participate in the tournament due to the player's personal reason, thus MEOWMEOW (/喵喵/) who was ranked first as a reserve player will participate in the ASIA-PACIFIC CUP.