8th Anniversary Special! Favorite Monster Fanart Event

Meet the outstanding artworks of Summoners from all around the world!

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Artist: HideonPaint

I chose haegang cause his design is amazing and it's something related to my passion.

Artist: mame0625

I drew the 2nd Awakening Monster All Stars!

Artist: MomoriBasket

✨ 8th year #SummonersWar submission!✨ @MomoriBasket on Twitter & Ingame.

In year 7, I got lucky with a Rica pull. Before that, I was stuck using Arang as my strongest most useful glass cannon. Rica got me to climb TOA, and just recently, TOAH. I didn't think my teams would be strong enough but year 7 was a flood of useful monsters that helped me out a lot. Rica became my favorite due to her aesthetics and usefulness. She was also the first monster I actively bought a Transmog for, the giant teddybear was just too cute! I hope you enjoy my piece as much as I enjoyed making it. Love, Mori

Artist: GhostSquad_NFT

Artist: pinocchio

Thank you to Summoners War for the past 8 years. I wanted to put all the elements of Summoners War, but the elements in Summoners War were too diverse. Designs, rides, and even armor and costumes showed unique concepts that the designers showed us. While I was drawing, I looked back deeply at all the Monsters once again and felt the memories I have with each Monster. I would like to thank all the people in charge of Summoners War for making such a great game. The 8th anniversary is a party for Summoners around the world. I hope Summoners War prosper even more!

Artist: qさぶちゃん。p

I drew all the Monsters I love!

Artist: Yawnaru

Artist: 밍고

The angel I want but can't have...

Artist: 아이레리아

I really like Summoners War's unique design. The Monsters released in the past and recently go well together. It makes me smile to think the Monsters will spend their time together like this!

Artist: 闇之羽

I chose eight Monsters I like in the game to draw. Giana, Nana, Bella, Ganymede, Minato, Artamiel, Mephisto and Rakan. I chose Bella because she is one of the two LD Nat 5 Monsters I own. I hope I will summon the third one soon. Happy 8th birthday, Summoners War!

Artist: .....!!!

My first nat 5 Monster! Its design has a big impact like its name, Archangel. I also drew this Monster five years ago when I first drew the fanart.

Artist: [B]-ibimbap

Vanessa and Taor was 2 first nat 5* that i ever had back since early game, and many times keep comebacking as a dupe (LOL). Both are great monster and have awesome art character design.
1 angel and 1 demon , opposite race but great team when they used together. And now we have new 2nd awaken monster, that become another fave monsters, yes it's vagabond and megan, their new concept theme is awesome, create the mood as fantasy game heroes.
So in this artwork , i create a concept that chosen heroes (sword , magician, cute creature orion ) with valkyrie's blessings, they will save the dimention realm fighting the demon lord (chimera). Cheers!

Artist: ★★GILDOX★★

My first nb nat5 🔥

Artist: ⭐Arrow⭐

Julien, the wind phantom thief, has been with me as my favorite unit since, oh, around the time I started playing! His stuns on every skill along with nice damage on skills 2 and 3 make him a unit that's just right for me.

Artist: AWsBBs

Naomi, Raki, Lora, Seara and Loren taking a break together after a long time fighting.

Artist: CàNa[ㅇㅅㅇ]

I wish you a happy 8th Birthday, Summoner War. I hope you keep thriving and have many new members. I love Hycatmeo and i desire to have this cute baby as my companion in the future.

Artist: DANA_♡

When Summoners War released a transmog of Paladin, I fell in love right away! And Hypnomeow became my favorite character because of its cute paws and ears. Here I drew Josephine and Bombay enjoying a campfire.

Artist: Dunettte

Kiki is the first LD Nat 5 Monster I got. I was really happy because I really like cute Monsters. I wanted to represent her in her transmog with the theme of dreams. So I drew the room of a little girl full of dreams and telling stories to her angelmon friends. I tried to draw based on her transmog, with the little stars and the clouds. It's my strongest Monster that I use a lot, and that I really wanted to draw!

Artist: Kleza

Artist: LadyShirona

8 years ago a white rabbit appeared, feeling curious, many of us chose to follow it without knowing that it would take us to a world full of battles and wonderful monsters. Several were the lucky ones to catch the rabbit, I hope soon to have that same luck.

Artist: ふくひな

My dear Summoners War!
Happy 8th anniversary! 😆✨

Artist: Lierre

Artist: LoboVermelho

I really enjoyed drawing my favorite Monsters from the game. I drew Rakan, Birman, Garoche, Belladeon, Chandra and Feng Yan.
I drew them having a dinner together. Hope you like it!

Artist: mochi

I drew Mellia because she is a very useful monster to utilize in the Giant’s Keep. Her skill application of damage over time makes clearing the dungeon faster.

Artist: Myway_라즈

I like fluffy and cute Monsters. And I couldn't choose only one Monster to draw... Because I have so many Monsters that I love!
This fanart's theme is a daily life of me (Summoner) and my favorite Monsters. I hope you can feel the atmosphere of them having a peaceful weekend. Congratulations on the 8th anniversary!

Artist: nwhr

Riley! She is the perfect choice for this 8th birthday. She is a very representative Monster of the game since its release - accessible to everyone, easy to build and can be played in almost any content! She also has this very happy and festive characteristic that fits well for a birthday. I spent a lot of time working on it and fine-tuning all the details, I hope you like it! Thank you and happy 8th anniversary Summoners War!

Artist: romankp

I chose the wish Monsters and the Monsters I have that I use often. I wish to summon Tiana and Nana soon through consistent gameplay.... I wanted to draw more Monsters, but couldn't so I drew some in the back. Happy 8th birthday, Summoners War! Let's celebrate 9th, 10th, and 100th as well!

Artist: samoe

I drew one favorite monster for each attribute!

Seara in front not only has a beautiful design but also a great leader skill, so she is well used in the guild battle and arena.
I would often refer to her as a 'bomb girl' to my younger brother who just started playing the game. She is the only Monster that I gave a nickname to, so I really like her.

I summoned Liebli this year. It's a LD Monster, and the first Monster I summoned that wasn't from Hall of Heroes. I use Seara and Liebli together as a bomb duo. He can be used for many comps, so I wasn't sure which Runes to give him. I am satisfied with the Rune sets he has now. He has more potential, so I want to build him to be stronger.

I've been using Laika for a while. I summoned him when I was summoning Monsters with my friends. He is also the first nat 5 Monster I summoned again. But I was happy with the summon because he is so useful.
Laika has Evil Eye Berserker transmog on, but my Laika is too weak to be called a berserker. Laika, let's get stronger!

I really like the design of Aria. I remember building her because there was a character named Aria from another game I played.
It's a silly reason to think about it now. I like the awakening version of her, so I am glad I decided to build her. Her transmog design is also nice, but I really like her awakening design, so I don't know what to do. I don't use her that often now, but I would love to build her again and use her.

Woosa is one of the Monsters I wanted to summon from the beginning because of its design, and I finally summoned him around 2,000 days after I started playing.
Woosa is a reliable Monster in any content. He is a good looking Monster with such power!
I recently summoned Coco, and I would like to make a team of Monsters that has a bird with them, like Woosa and Coco.

This time I drew the Monsters in the guild battle background, and I would love to draw it again because there are still many Monsters I love.
I want to draw the Monsters that are useful in many content!

It was a good opportunity to look back on the Monsters!

Artist: TonyAlice

Enjoy Summoner's Life

Artist: Yuna93

Artist: ღAbigail

Hanwul and Woonsa are two charming men that resemble fairy from Korea.
These good looking characters are also powerful. I hope to summon them one day. I drew these two characters hoping my wish will come true next year!
Happy birthday, Summoners War: Sky Arena! Thank you for being a great friend for the past eight years, and hope you become a better game in the future!

Artist: アンヌ-553

I like eastern style designs, and I started drawing illustrations since I fell in love with Art Master.
I chose three Monsters, Onmyouji, Art Master and Pioneer. Since I have two of them, I hope I will summon Pioneer soon.

It is the rainy season in Japan, so I drew the Monsters with rain.

Artist: おかつEMPiRE

I've done my best to get the World Arena transmog 🔥👹👩🏼🔥

Artist: ワイワイヨ

I will never forget the surprise and excitement when Rica, my first nat 5 Monster was summoned. She is very special to me as she helped me to climb up the Trial of Ascension hard mode and fight against difficult opponents. And I love her design! I will cherish this Monster until the end.

Artist: 欧皇の拉文艾比

I drew Lora as I have a figurine of her.

Artist: 뽑기운개판

I drew the beautiful Boomerang Warrior.

Artist: 뿌꾸님

Lapis, always there for new players!
Loren that shines like a light!

And I drew the Monsters of my dream.

Artist: 善复为妖

Rica will always be a goddess!

Artist: 地上精靈

I summoned Charlotte in my early gameplay stage, and has been with me for the past eight years in Summoners War in guild battle, dungeon, arena - I even got the world arena transmog!

Artist: 한입만..☆

☆Happy 8th anniversary!☆
Please give a lot of love to the charming damage dealer, Coco!

Artist: ~Airy~

Artist: 《Shika》

Artist: ∆zurestorM

Artist: ♡Nikki♥

Artist: ❄Sherˡy✨❄

Artist: ⚡Lgt⚡

Artist: AliceTony

Artist: Armidias

Artist: 왜초기화됨?

Artist: 펠라스

Artist: 공테

Artist: Nemo_das_Emo

Artist: YMT823

Artist: Belrenia

Artist: Bluegemz

Artist: BØSS™

Artist: BoyinScarlet

Artist: DeathBaker

Artist: DeVeraAst

Artist: Hellkids2

Artist: I_love_dust

Artist: Jalane

Artist: Juggernaut_26

Artist: karolinsaa

Artist: KingHarkinian1

Artist: Laptushka

Artist: Leandro Dias

Artist: Luckryem

Artist: Macthq

Artist: MADtitan

Artist: MandyPandy88

Artist: Mzar

Artist: Nowlis_Art

Artist: Pancada~

Artist: Riikuun

Artist: SirBluth

Artist: Sloes

Artist: thrallibaba

Artist: Turquoistar

Artist: WeedyWinnie

Artist: うぇん3

Artist: 도원

Artist: 동물원생쥐

Artist: 메타몬

Artist: 명사

Artist: 미키마우스

Artist: 乐安鹤

Artist: 야짤러

Artist: 은우파파

Artist: タエローン

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